Everything done at Lovie’s is done with care - from the preparation of delicious food and choice of ingredients to the creation of a comforting yet interesting menu. Lovie’s is a fun stop for eating breakfast and lunch as well as purchasing foodstuffs and gift items. Housed in a historic Corolla home next door to the Corolla Chapel, Lovie’s offers fresh food using homemade, homegrown and locally caught ingredients. From home brewed ice tea and lavender scones to a cream cheese and olive sandwich on baked-in-the-house rosemary olive oil bread, the selections are tantalizing. You can eat inside or enjoy the fresh air on their screened porch. Breakfast and snack or dessert choices include blonde brownies, raspberry chocolate white blondies, cranberry orange bread and banana bread. Their signature food, sweet potato sticky buns, is a delectable treat. Enjoy fresh, sweet tomato sandwiches or tomato and mozzarella with fresh basil pesto sandwich. Their pimento and cheese is made from scratch and available to go as well as in sandwich form. Choices also include BLTs, roast turkey and brie salad, a grilled veggie and hummus wrap and an old fashioned PBJ sandwich.  Enjoy delicious locally caught tuna prepared as a salad and a classic chicken salad. They offer seasonal specials such as a strawberry tart. Tempting refreshers include hibiscus water, fresh squeezed lemonade, and iced coffee and cold sodas.

Lovie’s stocks lots of goodies including chocolates, fresh breads, cold beer and wine, barbeque sauces, peanuts and plenty of gift items. You will find gluten-free items including cookies, crackers and chips. Enjoy the locally crafted art hanging on the walls while dining in a comfortable atmosphere created with care.

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