At Outer Banks Coffee Company we take our coffee seriously. We’ve been in the coffee business since 1994 and on the Outer Banks since 2000, craft roasting small batches of the world’s best Arabica beans.

When you come in our store you’ll see our big green roaster right there out front, not tucked away in a warehouse somewhere… you can see the process unfold right in front of your eyes, and maybe you’ll get to smell (and hear!) the coffees as they tumble down into the cooling bin. We are proud of our roasting style – a slow gas-fired roast that creates big mellow flavors that are never bitter. We think that after you try it you’ll be hooked, as so many others already are.
You’ll notice a stream of people coming through our store if you choose to sit for a few minutes… locals and vacationers alike know us for our fast, friendly service, our slightly bent sense of humor, and our understanding that it is ultimately about friendly people and delicious coffee. It’s pretty simple after all.
Roasted Fresh • Shipped Anywhere

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